Welcome to Currency Communications 

Currency Communications is a unique company. Established in 1984 we provide a complete range of print and creative solutions for our clients.
These include: 

  • award-winning graphic design 
  • award winning offset printing, using state of the art computer to plate technology 
  • digital displays and printing 
  • signage and point of sale displays 
  • project management and advice 
  • photography, editing and writing pick and pack and mail services 

Currency is First Nations Australian owned and has been Quality Assured since 1997. 

We are a green printer and support sustainable practice within the industry and community.


The difference


Two simple points make our services unique: 

We provide high level, informed, personal service and take pride in maintaining and nurturing relationships. We build high quality services to suit the changing needs of our clients. 

As direct marketers, creative designers, printers and project managers, Currency has been a preferred supplier for Strategic Purchasing for over seven years. We are a preferred supplier for many Local, State and Federal government agencies, as well as many other corporate and retail clients. All of our internal processes come under the international ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Standards. All our staff are trained in all stages of production and quality standards, and we guarantee your project on time every time.


Our creative team love a challenge and aim to provide an end-to-end solution.

We offer professional creative services including:

  • high-end design
  • finished art assembly
  • writing and editing
  • proof-reading
  • photography
  • photoshop work
  • web-site content, management and design
  • campaign management and project management

Our creative team has the breadth and depth of experience to meet any project challenge.

Our account managers are able to provide creative communications solutions for any occasion; from conference displays and signage iinked with printed brochures, information sheets and email or interactive on-line registration forms through to simple but unique designs for invitations, magazines, catalogues, annual reports and journals.

We provide no-obligation project-scoping and budgets. All design briefs and drafts for major projects are complimentary.

See our CONTACT details to get in touch with us.




Environment friendly and sustainable practice

As a matter of serious ethical consideration Currency has been an active participant in developing meaningful environmentally friendly and sustainable practices within our industry. Our company objective is to promote awareness and acceptance of the need for high level environmental care and sustainable business practices.

This will be achieved by offering and using environmentally friendly products and sound waste management as well as through best management of sustainable human resources and innovation such as carbon neutral goals.

We are currently following the Forest Stewardship Council's guidelines and recommend and use where possible these paper brands.

As a recent member of Greenhouse Challenge Plus we are undertaking CO2 reduction and measuring within our production processes. Our carbon usage is then offset in a number of ways that will reduce Currency's carbon footprint over time.

Extensive waste management practices

  • where appropriate waste but still usable paper is sent to local charities, schools or kindergartens
  • paper offcuts and waste is sorted and recycled
  • glass, aluminium and other metal waste is sorted and recycled
  • toner cartridges are returned for reuse by supplier
  • timber pallets and plastics are recycled
  • biodegradeable plastics are used for mail processing
  • film (when still used) is recycled for the silver content or held by client for reuse
  • new technology in CTP plates is chemical free or uses lower amounts of chemistry, water, time and power
  • other chemicals used on the presses are rebottled and recycled to be reused after distillation

Our environment friendly initiatives include:

  • advice on plantation grown stocks with low chlorine inputs as well as recycled stocks
  • the use of vegetable based inks
  • alternatives to plastic wrappings
  • maximizing the use of electronic pdf technology, ftp sites and where appropriate, large scale electronic asset management to gradually reduce the use of paper and chemical based products such as proofs which then need to be delivered by courier or post which in turn requires higher consumption of fuel and other resources

It should be noted that the use of electronic products does need some additional monitoring because both short run digital and overuse of electronic medium and plastics (CDs) can be a greater carbon foot print than sustainable paper products and recyclable consumables.

Carbon neutral goals

As printers, we have to have a reliable and continuous supply of electricity. This leaves a "green printer" with a choice of ways in which to minimise and then offset the use of Victoria's necessary but dirty brown coal generation of electricity.

We, as a Green company, offset our greenhouse-gas emissions by:

  • buying green power
  • reducing heating and cooling needs using better building insulation and minimal airconditioning
  • reducing lighting requirements by increasing natural light available and replacing conventional fluoro tubes with curlies and Led light fittings
  • office and studio layouts are open plan and maximise natural light, task lighting is used and office colours are neutral and so do not influence feelings of being too cold or too hot leading to overuse of airconditioning.
  • using hot water systems that are extremely efficient and solar powered
  • using hybird technology or gas in our company vehicles
  • As with all our processes, our Quality Assurance program and our sustainable practices program are developed on the basis of continuous improvement - adopting best practice where possible.


Print Production


Printing - craftsman's care and quality 

The configuration of our Heidelberg presses suits every need and is designed to maximise efficiency and quality in mid- to long-run business cards, brochures, leaflets, newsletters and magazines and posters. 

We also provide specialty services such as embossing, foiling and form-cutting. 


Our pre-press department runs fully integrated Mac and PC software direct to state of the art Computer-to-Plate technology. 

We receive files in many formats on FTP, email or CD. 

Finishing and binding - we can do it all 

  • saddle-stitching 
  • perfect or burst-binding 
  • wire and coil-binding 
  • folding, creasing, form-cutting and die-cutting
  • collating, gluing and kit assembly 

Call us for an obligation free quote.

Warehousing and distribution

Three steps: pick, pack & deliver 

Our convenient warehouse facilities are open-pallet racking and all goods are labelled and wrapped in biodegradable plastic. 

 Our services include: 

  • online order, work in progress and inventory reports 
  • free storage of up to six pallets 

All you are charged is the extra delivery costs.


Contact Us


Successful communication is the key

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